10 Best Online Survey Sites For Money

Want to make some extra cash by sharing your opinions? There are tons of survey sites out there, but not all of them are worth your time. In fact, some are downright sketchy.

To help you avoid the duds, we’ve put together a list of legit survey sites that have been tested and approved by Millennial Money. But before you dive in, here are a few things to keep in mind:

First, not every survey will be a good fit for you. Survey sites use your demographic information and personal habits to determine which surveys you’re eligible for. So, it’s important to choose a site that caters to your specific interests and demographics.

Second, not all survey sites are created equal. Some pay better than others, and some have more frequent opportunities to earn. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of sites that offer the best bang for your buck.

As an Internet entrepreneur, I’m in a good position to share with you everything I know about online surveys. Over the years, I’ve reviewed many survey sites.

So, without further ado, here are our top picks for legit survey sites that pay:

10 Best Online Survey Sites For Money

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a pretty cool rewards program that lets you earn points by doing things you already do online, like shopping, watching videos, and taking surveys. Plus, if you just use the Swagbucks search engine for your everyday browsing, you can still earn points without any extra effort.

Signing up is super easy, and once you do, you can start racking up Swagbucks (SB) points that you can later redeem for cash back or gift cards to your favorite stores. Swagbucks offers thousands of paid survey opportunities, making it one of the biggest and most reputable survey companies out there.

The best part? Swagbucks is available in several countries, including the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, so no matter where you are, you can start earning rewards. Plus, you only need to be 13 or older to join.

Now, if you’re wondering whether Swagbucks is legit, we’ve got some good news for you. They have a pretty impressive 4.3 rating on Trustpilot, based on over 31,000 reviews. So you can be confident that you’re joining a trustworthy program.

Here are some more details you should know about Swagbucks:

  • Average Payout (per survey): $0.40 – $2
  • Payment Method: PayPal or gift cards
  • Minimum to Cash Out: $3 for gift cards; $25 for PayPal
  • Sign Up Bonus: $20

So, what are you waiting for? Why not give Swagbucks a try? You might be surprised at how quickly you can earn rewards just by doing things you already enjoy online.

2. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys are an excellent way to get paid for sharing your opinions and thoughts on various topics. The best part is that you’ll get 100 points just for signing up!

Branded Surveys starts with a series of brief “get to know you” questions to help match you with surveys that fit your interests. As you take surveys, you can advance through bronze, silver, and gold levels with the Branded Elite loyalty program. You’ll earn credits for completed surveys or tasks like referring friends and family, which can unlock more earning potential and better survey opportunities.

This platform pays out via PayPal, bank transfer (in the United States), or gift cards for restaurants and major retailers. The minimum cash out is only $5, so you won’t have to wait long to see your earnings. Branded Surveys is available in the US, UK, and Canada, and the age requirement is 16+ years old.

With a 4.2 rating based on 66k reviews on Trustpilot, Branded Surveys is a trustworthy platform for anyone looking to make some extra money in their spare time. 

3. LifePoints

LifePoints is one of the largest influencer communities in the world.

New users are welcomed with a bonus of 10 LifePoints to get them started. The best part? Qualifying for paid surveys on LifePoints is a breeze compared to other sites. Most surveys take just 10 minutes or less to complete. While the payout per survey may be slightly lower, the return on investment of your time is comparable, and you won’t have to worry about being tied up with lengthy surveys.

LifePoints is available in over 40 countries, including the US, Canada, and the UK. The age requirement for registration is 18 years or older.

Wondering about the trustworthiness of the site? According to 27k reviews on Trustpilot, LifePoints scores a 4.3 rating, which is pretty impressive.

If you’re interested in joining, the minimum cash-out amount is $20, and you can choose between PayPal or Amazon gift cards as your payment method.

Overall, if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to make some extra money in your free time, LifePoints may be worth checking out!

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars has a super quick sign-up process – I’m talking 30 seconds quick – and it uses a cash reward system instead of confusing points.

If you’ve got a spare moment during the day, InboxDollars offers quick surveys that can earn you some decent money. Plus, you can also get rewarded for doing things you probably already do online, like playing games, watching videos, and reading emails.

When it’s time to cash out, you can choose from a few different options. Get paid with a check, an Amazon gift card, or regular gift vouchers – the choice is yours!

InboxDollars is available in the US and UK (under the name InboxPounds), and you do need to be at least 18 years old to sign up. But with a Trustpilot rating of 4.2 based on 34k reviews, you can rest assured that this is a legit way to make some extra dough.

5. Survey Junkie

Signing up with Survey Junkie is a piece of cake, and you’ll earn points just for filling out your profile. Plus, it won’t cost you a dime to get started!

You have the option to sign up with your Facebook, Google+, or email account. Once you’re in, you’ll start earning points for every survey you complete. And the best part? When you’ve earned enough points to meet the payout threshold, you can transfer your points to PayPal, cash, or even a free gift card!

Survey Junkie won’t spam you with annoying emails, which is a huge relief. With so many surveys available, you’ll never run out of opportunities to earn some cash. Currently, Survey Junkie is available in the US, Canada, and Australia, and you must be at least 18 years old to sign up. Trustpilot gives Survey Junkie a trust rating of 4.3 based on 41,000 reviews.

You can expect to earn between $1 and $3 per survey on average with Survey Junkie. When you’re ready to cash out, the minimum amount you can transfer is $10, which equals 1,000 points. While there isn’t a sign-up bonus, the chance to earn cash simply by sharing your opinions is definitely worth it!

6. MyPoints

If you’re looking for an easy way to earn gift cards, MyPoints is worth checking out. With this website, you can earn rewards for answering questions, taking polls, watching videos, and even shopping online. And the best part? You’ll still get points even if you don’t qualify for a survey.

As a new member, you’ll receive a welcome bonus of $10, which can be redeemed for either an Amazon or Visa gift card. Keep in mind, though, that some of the offers may take you to third-party sites, which can be a bit confusing.

MyPoints is available in the US and Canada, and the age requirement is 13 years old and up. Plus, it has a Trustpilot rating of 4.4 based on 18k reviews.

You can expect an average payout of $2.50 per survey, and the minimum amount to cash out is only $3. So why not give it a try and start earning some free gift cards today?

7. Opinion Outpost

You can earn a bit of extra cash with Opinion Outpost by sharing your opinions. With a simple design and a low payout threshold, this site is perfect for beginners who want to earn money through paid surveys.

Opinion Outpost operates on a points system, which means you earn points for completing surveys. You can then redeem these points for gift cards from popular retailers or cash out directly to your PayPal account. This gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to how you use your earnings.

One great thing about Opinion Outpost is that there are usually a lot of surveys available on any given day. This increases the likelihood that you’ll qualify for at least some of them. However, it’s worth noting that the average earnings per survey are fairly low.

If you’re interested in signing up, there are a few requirements to keep in mind. You need to be at least 17 years old and based in the United States. Opinion Outpost has a Trustpilot score of 3.5 based on 4k reviews, so you can feel confident in using this site.

Here are some additional details about Opinion Outpost that you might find helpful:

  • Average Payout (per survey): $0.50 – $5
  • Payment Method: PayPal or gift cards
  • Minimum to Cash Out: $5 for gift cards; $10 for PayPal
  • Sign Up Bonus: N/A

Overall, if you’re looking for a simple and easy way to make a bit of extra money in your free time, Opinion Outpost could be a great option for you.

8. Valued Opinions

If you’re looking to earn a little extra cash in your free time, Valued Opinions might be worth checking out. They use your profile information to match you with relevant surveys, which means you won’t waste your time filling out surveys that don’t interest you. Plus, the chances of you qualifying for a survey are pretty good, so you can earn money more consistently.

Most of the surveys take around 15 to 20 minutes to complete, and you can earn anywhere between $1 and $5 per survey. When you receive an email invitation to participate, it’ll tell you how long the survey takes and when it’s due.

At the moment, Valued Opinions is only available to folks living in the United States who are 17 years or older. But, if you fit the bill, it might be worth trying out.

One thing to keep in mind is that the minimum amount you need to cash out is $20, and you’ll receive your payment in the form of a gift card. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a sign-up bonus at the moment.

Valued Opinions has a 3.2 Trustpilot rating based on 2.6k reviews, so it’s definitely worth doing your own research to decide if it’s a good fit for you.

9. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is just like any other survey site out there, but with some cool features that make it stand out from the crowd.

First off, you can watch videos, complete activities, and even take part in daily points and contests to earn more points in your account. Plus, the best part is that you’ll earn about $0.60 – $0.85 per survey – that’s 60 – 85 points! This is a lot more than what some other survey sites offer, which can start off as low as $0.05.

The surveys themselves aren’t too long either, usually taking only 10 – 15 minutes of your time. This means you can easily do 3 PrizeRebel surveys per hour and make $3 for your time – not bad for just answering questions, right?

One more thing to note is that the cash minimum for payout is $5 (500 points) for any rewards, including gift cards and PayPal. However, if you’re looking for Amazon gift cards, you only need to accumulate $2 (200 points).

10. Toluna

If you’re looking for an easy way to earn some extra cash, Toluna might just be the app for you. This survey app is all about brands, and it gives you the opportunity to share your opinions and potentially influence companies.

One of the best things about Toluna is the daily lotteries. You never know – you could be the lucky winner of a million points (which is roughly $300)! And if that’s not enough, there’s also a social side to the app that members really seem to enjoy.

When it comes to redeeming your points, you have two options: you can choose to receive a PayPal cash transfer or a gift card. Just make sure you don’t let your points build up for too long – they’ll expire 16 months after you earn them.

It’s worth noting that Toluna is available worldwide, but you do need to be at least 16 years old to sign up (although any awards earned by a minor will be issued to their legal guardian). And while the app has a 2.1 rating on Trustpilot based on 4.7k reviews, many members have had positive experiences with it.

If you’re ready to start sharing your thoughts and potentially winning big, Toluna is definitely worth checking out. The average payout per survey is between $1 and $5, and the minimum cash out is $10. While there’s no sign-up bonus, the chance to earn some extra cash and have your voice heard is definitely a perk in itself.

Tips For Earning The Most Money From An Online Survey Site

While it won’t make you rich, there are a few things you can do to make the most of your time and earn some extra bucks. Check out these tips:

Fill out your profile

Most survey sites will give you a few welcome points just for completing your personal profile. Plus, keeping your information up to date will help you get matched with offers that are relevant to you and your interests.

Prioritize high-paying surveys

Unlike a regular job where you earn a certain amount per hour, survey sites can be a bit more complex. They often pay out rewards in points with unique redemption values, making it difficult to compare offers. But don’t worry, you can use our handy calculator to prioritize surveys that pay the most per hour and make the most money overall.

Take advantage of free offers

Some survey sites offer points for referring friends, sharing on social media, signing up for a free newsletter, answering a quick daily poll, or downloading their app. These offers may not make you rich, but they’re an easy way to earn some extra points and boost your earnings.

So there you have it, some simple tips to help you maximize your earnings with online survey sites.

Tips for Taking Online Surveys

When it comes to taking online surveys, there are more things to consider than just maximizing your earnings. Here are some best practices to keep in mind:

Create a dedicated email address

Many survey sites send daily emails, and sometimes multiple emails in a day. Setting up a separate email address for these sites will help keep your primary inbox clean.

Install antivirus software

It’s always a good idea to take precautions and protect your computer. Installing antivirus software can help ensure that your computer is protected in case one of the survey sites directs you to a spammy third-party.

Take breaks

Let’s be real, surveys can be long and boring. Taking frequent breaks will give your eyes a rest and help you avoid answering inconsistently. Plus, it’s good for your mental health!

If you’re under 18

Make sure to get your parents’ permission before joining a survey site and participating in surveys. Most survey sites that allow minors require parental consent anyway, but it’s a good idea to check with your parents first.

How to Spot Trustworthy Online Survey Sites?

It’s important to be careful when choosing which sites to use. Here are some things to watch out for:

Membership fees

Legitimate survey sites are always free to join. Don’t fall for any sites that ask you to pay money upfront.

Small payouts

While you won’t get rich taking online surveys, you should still aim for sites that offer reasonable payouts. If a site only offers penny surveys, it’s not worth your time.

Lack of customer reviews

If you can’t find any real user reviews of a survey site, it’s probably best to avoid it.

Difficult qualification

It’s normal to be screened out of some surveys based on your demographic information, but if you find yourself getting rejected more often than not, it’s time to move on to a different site.

Asking for private information

Never give out sensitive information like your Social Security number, driver’s license, or bank account information.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can find trustworthy survey sites and start earning extra cash from the comfort of your own home.


How much money can you make by taking surveys online?

The amount of money you can make varies depending on the length and availability of surveys. You could earn anywhere from less than a dollar to over $20 for each survey. It all adds up over time, and every little bit counts, right? If you want to make more money, you might consider other side hustles

Are surveys for money legit?

Absolutely! There are legitimate survey sites out there that pay you for your time and opinion. We’ve done our research and made sure to review only safe and legit sites for you. And the best part is, you can take surveys anytime, anywhere, right from your smartphone.

How do I get paid for surveys?

When you take a survey, you’ll usually earn points that can be converted into real dollars once you’ve accumulated enough. Different survey websites offer different payout methods, including gift cards (virtual or physical), PayPal cash, bank transfers (mostly for US residents), checks in the mail, or even donations to charity. Amazon gift cards are also a popular option.

Do you get paid immediately after each survey?

Unfortunately, survey sites usually have a minimum payout threshold. This means you’ll need to keep taking surveys and collecting points until you reach the minimum amount to cash out. But hey, it’s a good way to build up some extra cash on the side!

How long does it take to complete an online survey?

Most surveys take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete, although some more in-depth surveys may take up to an hour. Before you start a survey, the website will usually give you an estimate of how long it will take.

What survey sites pay cash instantly?

If you’re looking for survey sites that pay cash instantly or offer signing bonuses, you might want to check out Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and MyPoints. You can also find other articles that offer tips on how to get free money and websites that offer sign-up bonuses.

Are there other paid activities besides surveys?

Absolutely! Some survey websites offer other ways to earn money, such as watching videos, shopping online, surfing the web, providing product feedback, testing products, or even mystery shopping. Be sure to check with each site and read reviews to find the best activities for you.

How old do you have to be to take surveys for money?

Most survey websites require users to be at least 18 years old. However, some sites allow younger users (even as young as 13) to complete activities with a parent or guardian. Always make sure to read the terms and conditions of each site before signing up.

Why do companies pay you to take surveys?

Companies pay people to take surveys because they value your opinions. They rely on the feedback of consumers like you to improve their products and make better marketing decisions. By taking surveys, you can directly influence the development of new products and services.

How can I avoid survey scams?

To avoid survey scams, there are a few steps you can take. Don’t give out personal information like your social security number, set up a separate email account for survey sites, install antivirus software, take breaks, don’t pay to take surveys, and remember that you won’t get paid quickly. It’s also important to keep in mind that taking surveys shouldn’t be your sole source of income – there are plenty of other opportunities out there!

How can I make the most money taking online surveys?

If you want to make the most money taking online surveys, it’s important to focus on survey sites that offer a steady flow of new surveys, reliable payouts, and favorable cash-out terms. To maximize your earnings, aim for surveys that have a high payout-to-time ratio. This means you’ll get more money for the amount of time you spend on the survey. Keep an eye on the return on investment (ROI) of each survey, as this can also help you determine which surveys are worth your time.

What types of paid online surveys can I take?

There are several types of paid online surveys you can take to earn money, including advertising effectiveness surveys, brand recognition surveys, product appeal surveys, surveys about services, and focus groups. Choose the ones that interest you the most or that you have experience with.

Can kids take paid surveys?

Yes, kids can take paid surveys too! Some survey sites like Swagbucks and MyPoints allow users 13 years and older to join and earn money for completing surveys. However, it’s important for young users to have consent from their parents or legal guardians before signing up.

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking of using a paid survey site to make a few bucks, there are a few things you should know. Firstly, the pay can be pretty low, and you may have to reach a certain dollar amount or number of points before they’ll actually pay out. So, it’s important to consider whether it’s worth your time to potentially make less than minimum wage by taking surveys.

But don’t worry, there are ways to make it work! We suggest taking surveys during your daily commute on the bus or train, or even while you’re relaxing in front of the TV. That way, you can make a little extra cash without taking too much time out of your day.

So, before you dive into the world of paid survey sites, ask yourself: is it worth your time? And if so, find a way to fit it into your daily routine for maximum efficiency.

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